Learning the art of "JUST BE"...and giving back to the world.

We learned that the most important thing in life is to "JUST BE". We currently live in a mid-sized coastal town in a rental house. We have a small 40 square foot garden. As we "farmed" our garden we began to realize that with our own fresh food we began to really feel better. We felt more energetic, and less stressed with life. This was the beginning of "JUST BE".

We eventually came up with a plan to scrimp and save to buy our own farm. On this homestead farm that we hope to purchase soon, we want to be completely self sufficient and have the smallest carbon foot print possible. We also realized how much extra food we produced from our little garden plot. We hope to farm several acres on the new farm and donate all of the extra produce to food banks and homeless shelters.
This idea came to us because of our current jobs. We both see people that need help everyday. Those people don't always get the help they need.

Maria currently works with children with disabilities both in the schools and in their homes. Chad works with local county government. We began to realize that the children could use more nutritious food to give them a better shot at over-coming their mental and physical disabilities. We also realized that if people in general could provide more nutritious food for their families it would help to relieve stress from them, hence, less violence and crime in the home.
We don't have a bit of scientific data to back up this theory, nor do we believe this is the problem solver of problem solvers...but, could it hurt for more people to eat a little healthier? Could it hurt to help provide this for others that cannot afford to purchase it?

So, we want to farm, and of course run our shop to provide products that are beautiful and handmade to anyone in the world.
Each Item we make is hand crafted with love for the piece, for the materials, and for the potential new owners. We hope that you enjoy these items as much as we do

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